Graficus UK

Are you someone who wants to contribute to bringing connection to the world?
A coach, healer, therapist; an empathic entrepreneur with a spiritual or intuitive approach?
Or do you want to cause vibration and delight within your fellow humans, from heart to heart?

Do you already have an idea or a sketch? An image that you want to use or have edited?
Are you looking for an inspired graphic designer who can give depth and meaning to your concept and bring it to life?
Years of experience -both with ‘classic’ designs for big businesses, as well as with more alternative work in the non-profit sector- have given me the necessary technical graphic skills to create your design with.

I would like to help you to connect your fellow humans and this world, ‘geometrically’.

Photo © Alexandra Kourline

Contact me without obligation
for more information or an appointment.
I am looking forward to your story
and a possible cooperation.

Heart Greeting,

Making inner harmony visible through connection.


Set your sights on a place higher than your eyes can see.

– Rumi